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With the market set to settle back into more normal levels in a few weeks, a look at how far things have come and how far they could go.

The Toronto Stock Exchange and the broader stock market have been booming in recent years.

The market has jumped by about 70 per cent in the past five years, thanks in part to the recovery from the global recession, the introduction of the GST and a strong Canadian dollar.

But in recent months, the markets have taken a turn for the worse.

The rally started in late January when the FTSE was trading at about 3,300, then soared to an all-time high of 4,600 on Jan. 15.

A year later, the market was still at 3,600.

It has dropped again this year, and even then is hovering around 3,400.

The markets are now down about 50 per cent since mid-June.

It’s been an all but unstoppable rally.

On Jan. 19, 2017, the FSCE closed at 4,500.

It was the lowest level in more than three years.

At the time, the rally was in full swing.

Investors were speculating that the Federal Reserve would ease monetary policy, which had been a priority for many.

But that did not happen.

Instead, the U.S. Federal Reserve kept pumping money into the economy, raising interest rates.

The Fed is currently at its lowest rate since the Great Depression.

That was in January.

By April, it was on track to be one of the largest economic shocks in decades.

And then things started to fall apart.

The global economic crisis was at play.

The Bank of Canada cut interest rates in March to 0.5 per cent, and now it is down to zero.

In the U!

S., interest rates are at historically low levels.

The economy has been hit hard.

There are more people out of work, and unemployment in Canada is at a record high.

Canada’s manufacturing sector has been battered by the global downturn, and the federal government has done little to help the struggling sector.

Meanwhile, the world is on edge.

As global tensions rose, the Trump administration began ramping up its military engagement in Afghanistan, Syria, North Korea and Ukraine.

The Canadian military, too, has been at war.

In the midst of all this turmoil, investors are worried about the future of the world economy.

Canada has seen a steady drop in oil prices since the global financial crisis.

Oil prices are down by more than $50 a barrel, and they are expected to fall another 30 per cent by the end of this year.

But it’s not clear that the U!.

S. economy will see any of that as oil prices keep falling.

Meanwhile in the U., Canada has been forced to pay billions in taxes.

In January, the tax rate for individuals who earn more than C$100,000 was 25 per cent.

It rose to 25 per, 30 per and 40 per per per cent for the next four years.

For people who earn less than C $100, $70 and $100 million, it rose to 20, 30, 40 and 50 per.

In February, the federal budget came and went without any action to increase taxes, and then again on March 1.

Canada had to start the year with a surplus of $13.5 billion, which is about $1.2 billion less than what was projected.

And that deficit is projected to grow to about $18.4 billion by the time the budget is paid.

With this in mind, the Federal Finance Minister has made it clear that Canada is going to keep paying tax on profits earned before the end in 2021.

This will be done in two stages.

The first will be through a tax-free dividend, which will increase the rate to 10 per cent over the next two years.

This is the first step in paying off the debt, which the government has to keep borrowing to cover.

Then, in 2019, the government will start taxing profits earned in the first six months of 2020.

The amount will be adjusted to reflect inflation.

In addition to paying taxes, Canadians will be expected to buy goods and services.

The government will spend more on health care, education and social programs, but the country will not be borrowing money.

So, while we’re borrowing more, we’re going to borrow less.

So the U$.

will keep spending more on things like infrastructure, social programs and defence.

But, by 2019, we’ll be in a deficit of about C$10 billion.

And, by 2020, it’s projected that we’ll have to borrow about C $20 billion to pay down the debt.

So it’s going to be a very challenging year.

I’m hoping we’ll see a few years of balanced budgets.

I’ve already had to cut my budget for 2018, and it was $6 billion in deficit.

But this year I’m going to start trimming it. We


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