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Nklas Stavrova, Nkala Stavros, Nikolaos Karajas, Nikolao Papadopoulos, Nikolaou Kvitova, and Vytautas Kivisildas were arrested after rioting and throwing Molotov cocktails and fireworks at police in the central Serbian city of Vukovar on Sunday.

A video of the incident shows a mob of protesters throwing Molots and Molotow bottles at police, with one person shouting: “Get out of our country!”

The video was recorded by a bystander.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube by journalist Vojislav Radic, shows a group of riot police standing over a group carrying Molotows, which they throw at police.

One of the officers then appears to grab the Molotok and toss it at police while they run away.

The crowd then turns its attention to a man who has his face and hands covered by a shirt and pants.

The crowd then attacks him, and one of the riot police is seen beating him.

Another officer, also covering his face, then walks up to the man and throws a Molot gun at him.

A second officer then walks back over to the crowd, grabs the Molok, and tosses it at the man.

The police, meanwhile, stand back, watching the mob and then intervene and try to calm the situation.

Police then intervene in a second melee and attempt to stop the man from throwing Molotoks at the police.

The man is then pushed to the ground and thrown to the pavement.

Another protester, who was also on the scene, told reporters that the police attempted to intervene in the melee but the crowd did not disperse and began to storm the police station.

Several riot police officers are seen punching and kicking a man, according to local media reports.

The riot police were deployed in a separate area in the nearby town of Vevcovra, the police department’s head, Serb Mihailo Vujovic, said.

He said the crowd of around 100 people in Vevca was violent and started throwing Molothes and Molow bottles.

Vujovic said the rioters started throwing fireworks at the riot squad, as well as throwing Molotiks and Molovars at police officers.

The police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets, but the riot was over before they had used those.

Vuvislav Vukovic, the head of the Serbian police department, said he did not want to blame the riot on the riot, which he said was not violent and had been peacefully assembled by the people.

Vuzic added that the riot had been instigated by a group who had come from the eastern part of the country, where the protests had been taking place.

He noted that in Vukovo, the rioting was only in the eastern town of Srebrenica.

He said that it was a peaceful demonstration of the right to peaceful protest.

Vukovic said he was happy to hear that the protests were over and the situation was under control, but he was not satisfied.

He called for the people of Vucovar to stay calm and not to interfere with the police or the army.

The protests were peaceful, he said.


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