Amazon Stock

NEW YORK – Google Inc. is set to receive a major boost in the stock market this week after its search engine fell to its lowest point in two years after it was hit by a cyberattack.

The search giant has suffered another setback in its bid to recover from a string of attacks that has also crippled the company’s mobile app ecosystem.

Google, which has suffered several disruptions in recent months, said Thursday it will receive a $3.7 billion payment from Microsoft Corp. for the service it provided to more than a billion customers in its Android and Chrome mobile browsers.

The payment is for Google’s use of its cloud infrastructure and services to handle requests and data.

“This is an important milestone for Google and for Microsoft,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said Thursday at the company.

“This milestone will allow us to accelerate our efforts to build a more resilient and secure cloud and services ecosystem, and accelerate our commitment to our customers.”

Google said in a statement it was committed to helping customers in the wake of the attack and had worked to repair its systems.

Google said it had installed additional security software to better protect its data.

“We continue to make improvements to our services and have implemented new security measures that address many of the critical vulnerabilities identified in the attack,” the company said in the statement.

Microsoft said Thursday that it has received a payment from Google.

It said it has also launched a $2 billion fund to help support its customers impacted by the cyberattack and is working with Google and other companies to help resolve any issues it might encounter.

Microsoft said it is also working with its cloud partners to further support its cloud customers.

At the same time, Microsoft said its Xbox One console and other Microsoft products have also been affected by the attacks.

The company said the Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles will remain available through the end of the month.

In a statement, Google said that its search, advertising and video services were disrupted on Wednesday and that it is working to restore them as soon as possible.

Amazon said it was also hit by the attack, but said it plans to stay online until at least Thursday.

An Amazon spokeswoman said Thursday she was unable to comment on the company, but that Amazon is “aware of the impact on Amazon and its customers.”

“We are working to address the issues, and will share further details when we have more information,” the spokeswoman said.

Apple said Thursday in a tweet that it will start processing search queries to replace Google.

Google, Amazon and other search engines are already on the road to being able to serve up their own personalized results to consumers, and Apple said it will also be offering personalized search results.


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