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Stock prices have been up every month for months now, with a total of 4,700 gains since August 30, when the markets opened.

That was more than the 5,500 gains for the previous four months, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

The market also has enjoyed a steady run of gains, though not nearly as much as the bull market of 2007-2008, when its value soared to $20,600.

The recent gains have come despite the U.S. government’s continued focus on economic recovery, which is still being slowed by a sluggish economy.

“There’s been a lot of talk about the economic recovery,” said Mark Kurlansky, an analyst at Citi Research.

“The U.K. economy has been going into a recession for the last three years, and the U,S.

are still struggling to recover from that.

But we haven’t seen a lot in the stock markets.”

Still, stock prices are still in the midst of their longest bull run since the 1929 market crash, and have done so for years.

It’s not only the stock indexes that are rising.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has gained more than 500 points since the beginning of the year, while the S&P 500 has gained about 7% during the same period.

It is also the best month-to-month gain for the S.&amp.;P 500 since March 2007.

For now, the rally is still in its early days, though.

That’s because stocks in China, which are not included in the SAC index, are not rallying as much.

They have already been buoyed by a rise in the yuan, the Chinese currency, against the dollar.

And the Shanghai Composite Index, which has gained as much or more than 1,300 points since February, is now at its highest level since December 2015.

“It’s been fairly steady for a while now, and there’s been quite a bit of activity going on in China,” said Paul Hannon, an economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics in Chicago.

The SAC Index has been higher than the Dow since October, and it has gained 3.5% for the year so far.

“We’re still in a period of pretty normal conditions in China.

So, I think you can safely say the market is on the right path,” Hannon said.

That is, the SABR index, which measures the value of U.s. companies that trade on the SIX-linked Shanghai Stock Exchange, is up about 7%.

The S&amps SAB Index has gained 6.8% so far this year.


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